Our Service portfolio

Partial and complete loads (FTL,LTL)

Domestic and international forwarding all over Europe.

Our qualified and experienced dispatchers are specialised in holistic forwarding solutions (FTL and LTL) of a domestic and international rank.


Competent handling during transport

Apart from individual planning of your transport, particular focus is oriented at supporting your freight. Thanks to the application of innovative software we never lose your transport from our sight. In our opinion transport ends with problem-free unloading at the selected point of destination.

Transport of special and hazardous goods

And when a need arises of quick forwarding,

we will gladly plan and organise any required special dispatches within a short time. Thanks to our safety advisers we not only have in this respect the necessary experience, but also abilities to be able to forward your hazardous goods to the selected destination point.


Thanks to the application of several fixed and temporary forwarders, our team is capable of responding in a flexible way to unforeseeable demands and to assure the best possible transport of your goods. Even if something unforeseeable happens, you can be sure that our logistic network can safely take over your goods!

Contract logistics and performance

On the sector Thanks to long-term developing network of business contacts we have managed to gather special experience in the following transport-related fields

Automotive | Electronics | Construction | Building | Chemistry | Fairs


Disposition at equal basis and at the top level!

Cross-border communication and correspondence are provided every single day by our dispatchers.
We are particularly proud of the multilingual competencies of our team.

In Iltrans
remain right in the centre. Regardless pf the fact whether you are cooperating with us as a carrier or as a customer. We are convinced that "leading“ is only possible thanks to correct partnership-based cooperation.
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